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Permanent Mission

(1-5 Diplomats)

Monthly Fee: CHF 1,500.00


Permanent Mission

(6-15 Diplomats)

Monthly Fee: CHF 2,500.00


Permanent Mission

(+16 Diplomats)

Monthly Fee: CHF 3,500.00

Service Plan for Permanent Missions in Geneva

Administrative Translation: We handle the translation of your administrative documents for daily administration and management processes.

Maintenance Coordination for Your Properties:  We liaise with real estate agent,  landlord contractors and maintenance personnel to address necessary maintenance issues promptly.

Event Coordination: Whether it's hosting your National Day, a receptions or diplomatic functions, we handle the logistics to make your events a success.

Travel Arrangements: We make your travel plans hassle-free by handling all the details, from flights and accommodations to transportation.

Accommodation and Transportation for VIPs: Ensuring the comfort and security of VIP guests is our top priority. We take care of their accommodation and transportation needs to make their stay smooth and pleasant.

Medical Appointment:  We can handle medical appointment scheduling for your office.

Meeting Scheduling: Our team is skilled at managing your mission's busy schedule, scheduling important meetings both within the mission and with all your partners.

Organizing Important Documents: Keeping your mission's documents, including treaties, agreements, and diplomatic correspondence, organized and easily accessible is one of our specialties.

Responsive Query Handling: We are here to assist you in promptly addressing inquiries from  all you partners, ensuring smooth communication.

Office Supply Management: We take care of ordering and managing office supplies, ensuring you have what you need for your daily operations.

Mail Handling: We manage your incoming mail efficiently, so you stay connected with headquarters and other diplomatic entities.

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